Special Offer for Equipment Vendors!


We wanted to share our Special 2023 Promotion for equipment vendors with you!

For a limited time, we are offering up to $150 per client referral rebate for 3 months* to our Preferred Vendors!

That means you get up to $150* for each of your business clients that get approved for financing with our company.

Sign up to become a Preferred Vendor before the month of April and get a referral rebate on each approved client for 3 months**!

Blue Light Financial Solutions' alternative financing options can generally fund 7 out of every 10 clients that would normally get turned down for financing.

This Limited Time Offer Is A Win, Win, Win For You!

<>Win # 1 - Get more clients approved. That means more business for you!

<>Win # 2 - Get up to $150* referral rebate for each approved new client. That means money in addition to the sale!

<>Win # 3 - Work with a premier financing company that will be a reliable partner for years to come!

*- This offer only applies to qualified and approved Preferred Vendors. To be eligible to receive referral rebates, the client must be a legitimate business. The client must be approved to receive funding through Blue Light Financial Solutions, LLC and its designees. The client must also make an approved purchase, lease, or rental with the approved funds from the Preferred Vendor. This applies only to purchases above $499. The rebate referrals are as follows: Purchase amount of $500 - $999 receives a $50 referral rebate; Purchase amount of $1000 - $9999 receives a $100 referral rebate; Purchase amount of $10,000 and above receives a $150 referral rebate. * - Sign up ends on April 30, 2024. Three (3) months of referral rebates is calculated from the date of approval as a Preferred Vendor. Referral rebates apply only to business clients approved during the initial three (3) month period from the date of approval as a Preferred Vendor.

Click below to become a preferred vendor and start receiving up to $150 referral rebates for each approved business client!

Or give us a call for questions and more information! 919-599-7908

How Does It Work?

1- Complete and Submit a Preferred Vendor Application. Get approved within 3- 7 business days. (After approval, vendor does not have to submit information again.)

2- New Business Clients Submit a Simple Application Online or via Email. Clients get approved in under 48 hours (usually same day).

3- Preferred Vendor receives funds for the Purchase, Lease, or Rental.

4- Preferred Vendor receives the Referral Rebate within 7-10 business days.