Blue Light Financial Solutions and ARF Financial are incredibly proud of the latest addition to our product line, BANKROLL, the ultimate revolving line of credit! BANKROLL addresses the #1 concern of business owners everywhere who require the flexibility to access capital while keeping their cash flow stable. We do this by providing merchants their MAX loan amount (up to $1,000,000), a fixed loan term (up to 36 months), and a fixed weekly payment, plus the flexibility to pay down or borrow additional funds on an unlimited basis! You decide when you want to borrow, how much you want to borrow, the size of your payment, how much in finance charges you will pay, and how long to keep the loan. You are in complete control based upon your unique business needs that may change over time. And, Bankroll provides early payoff without penalty anytime during the loan!

Check out Bankroll’s industry-leading features!

  • Line of credit approvals up to 1M with minimum initial loan of only 5k!

  • Max amortizing term up to 36 months with fixed weekly payments

  • A revolving period of up to 1 year (52 weeks)

  • Unlimited draws of $5,000 or more during the revolving period*

  • Unlimited principal paydowns of $5,000 or more during the revolving period

  • Every payment made and partial principal paydown frees up line availability

  • Finance charges accrue and are collected weekly

  • No minimum finance charges required

  • Pay off or pay down your line of credit without penalty

    Use this link for the best rates!


  • Must be a business.

  • Time in business: at least one (1) month.

  • Credit score 551 or higher.

  • Revenue: at least $17,000 per month.

    Special rates only available using this preferred client link!