You must submit the following documents to ensure efficient processing of your case. Failure to submit ALL documents will cause delays.


1. Copy of all signed funding contracts that you are looking to restructure. (If you don't have them handy in a desktop folder, simply search your email using each funder’s name and hit enter. You can also search using the word “DocuSign” (w/o the quote marks) and everything you've signed from DocuSign will populate.

  • Important: if you can’t locate the contracts, DO NOT call your MCA companies to request duplicates. The customer service personnel have their antennae up and are specially trained for their clients calling for their contracts. They recognize this action as a pre-cursor to a DR or some other legal activity. You have the element of surprise working in your favor – don’t lose it unnecessarily by calling your MCA company. We'll work with you if you can't find them.

2. Business Bank Statements - Most recent month and month-to-date.

3. Please go to and download your FREE credit report. The full report can be anywhere from 15-100 pages. Please download the whole report into 1 PDF document.

4. Copy of front and back of client’s valid driver’s license.

Send all documents to:

If you have any questions please call:

(919) 599-7908